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Posted on: March 25, 2008 8:31 am

MLB in Japan?

I am all for exhibition games overseas, and increasing revenue based upon novelty and things like that, but when these games start counting in the standings is where I tend to disagree.  It takes away home games from at least one team, if not both (not sure how they are working that situation), it alienates fanbases as I am sure the bulk of A's fans weren't up at 3 AM to watch their team, and while the bulk of Red Sox fans may be up at 6 Boston time, they are on their ways to work.  I do appreciate the goal in globalizing the game, but I do not appreciate the cost it takes to achieve that goal.  Baseball is a game of rhythm, a game of repitition and a game of routine.  Don't be surprised if many of the players playing in Japan take a couple weeks to get out of a funk due to this trip.
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