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Posted on: July 8, 2008 9:50 am

Milwaukee Brewers welcome to the Big Leagues

What you will see tonight at Miller Park will be an absoultely incredible scene.  The season still has 70-plus games to go, but you will see the hopes and dreams of 40,000 plus having a real chance to become reality.  The Brewers have been a franchise in disarray for much of the past quarter century, and that burden looks as if it is about to be lifted.  No longer are the Brewers a team that trades all of its talent away, it is now in the position to take talent from other teams.  It can lock up homegrown talent like Ryan Braun, it can trade for the defending Cy Young Award winner in CC Sabathia.  Many times in the past quarter century my Brewers have felt like a AAAA team, which means that they are better than your typical AAA team, but not quite Major League ready.  This deal for Sabathia ends that.  They are a true Major League team.  They are serious playoff conteders and they even may be the NL favorites to make the World Series at this point.  No longer are the Brewers a perennial doormat or a laughingstock.  This team is here, this team is real and it is a force that deserves to be reckoned with.
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