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Posted on: March 3, 2008 8:51 am

More baseball. Brewers lineup how I would do it.

Here is what I see the Brewers lineup being on opening day and this is how I would do it personally.

  1. Weeks (time to put up or shut up.  That wrist should be fully healed)
  2. Cameron (I think it is really important to be able to have a hitter in the 2 slot who can handle the bat)
  3. Fielder (I think I would provide him some protection because, if not, he will get the 4 fingered treatment an awful lot)
  4. Braun (This opens up 2 possibilities.  First it gives Prince some needed protection and second it allows Braun to run more)
  5. Hart (Has some good pop, and has good speed)
  6. Hall (Hopefully his bat returns with a transition back home to the infield)
  7. Hardy (solid hitter in the 7 slot and most team would be more than happy with him there)
  8. Miller (I think especially in the NL you need a guy who knows how to handle the bat so you don't waste at bats in front of the pitcher)
  9. Pitcher.

Now, for the first 25 games Cameron will be suspended and I expect Tony Gwynn Jr, to be his primary replacement, however other options are out there.  For instance you could move Hart to CF and maybe start Gross in right.

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