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Posted on: June 16, 2008 11:15 am

US Open = Worst tiebreaker in sports

This is something I have felt for a while, and the events of this past weekend give me cause to rant on this a bit.  Let me get this started, I understand not all overtime and tiebreaking procedures are perfect.  In the NFL for example, the kicking team isn't even guaranteed a shot with the ball.  In the NHL, penalty shots are an effective way to end a game, but very anticlimactic if you ask me, same in soccer.  Baseball and basketball seem to have their overtime procedures down pat.  Boxing, way back in the day just went on and on until someone hit the canvas, even if they needed 97 rounds to do so, today they go to the cards and I think the controversies with those has effectively killed the sport.  In Golf, there is no universal overtime on the PGA Tour.  Some tournaments have a sudden death in which they go to a predetermined hole and first player with a better score on a hole wins.  The PGA Championship uses a 4 hole playoff format in which each player gets 4 holes and the lowest cumulative score wins.  However today, in the US Open they will play an entire 18 holes.  This very well COULD be over for all intents and purposes 4-5 holes into the match, and it very well could be a barnburner, however this format is very anticlimactic in my opinion.  I believe that whatever format you choose to use, the only prerequisite should be that you should be able to crown the champ on Sunday
Posted on: February 25, 2008 9:58 am

If you give Tiger a shot..........

If you give Tiger a shot he will take advantage of it.  In the Accenture WGC Match Play Championship which takes the top 64 golfers and plays match play modeled after the NCAA basketball tournament TIger was on the ropes in the first round.  He was down 3 holes with 5 to go.  He proceeded to win the next four holes to go 1 UP onto the 18th which he halved.  If Tiger didn't birdie 14, 15, 16 and eagle 17 we would have had a different champ this week.  However, if Tiger is on the ropes and you don't knock him out, this will happen.  Certainly the most dominant golfer of my lifetime if not of all time, Tiger Woods demonstrated his dominance Sunday against Stewart Cink.  It was not like CInk played badly.  I believe he played the final 2 rounds like 4 under but Tiger was just on fire.  Tiger past Arnold Palmer on the alltime wins list at the tender age of 31.  He not only is going to pass Sam Snead's mark of 82 tour victories but he will put so much distance between himself and Mr Snead that it will be flat our laughable.
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